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PodTones are great! I've been using them too much at home. Need to save them for on the go but they're just so convenient. :)
UP is like juicy fruit but smaller and the flavor lasts longer (and it makes my problems go away)
but how did you get the dab rig into the juul
No other portable touches PodTones’ taste, potency or purity and it’s not even close.
If Febreze could make spray that smells like Dream tastes I would buy the biggest bottle.
Sometimes I puff two different Tones at the same time like when you squish two starburst together. Every combination is different and delicious.
It’s always fun sharing PodTones with the uninitiated. I cook a lot and it’s kind of like watching someone take the first bite of a dish I know I nailed. The eyebrows go up, the head bobs a little, they make a happy noise, then they’re full on smiling and going back for more.
I never realized I was vaping garbage until I tried PodTones™. Please stay in business forever.
You get the portability of a pod and the full flavor of a dab rig but dab rigs don’t fit in my clutch.
Love the Pods! The big thing I like about them is how pleasant the high is. I tried some other brands and they were a little too strong. I would hesitate to answer a phone call after using them, but not with PodTones™. Feels like PodTones™ are made for adults who have to live a life.
And the taste is beautiful. I’m so used to the taste of that chemical garbage at this point that the pleasantness and natural goodness of your pod was an actual surprise.
I love having the full flight of flavors so much - it's a totally different experience that I didn't fully get at first. Because each one is so tasty and potent and distinct from one another and I love them all equally I've just been going in rainbow order, yellow in the AM then to orange to green and then blue in the evening and it's awesome. I always kind of thought of these as you pick your favorite and stick to it, but now I see it as individual tools in a kit, like people should be encouraged to buy the four pack and use it throughout the day. I fucking love sushi, but croissants are way better for breakfast. Thank god it doesn't have to be one all day, right?
Holy crap I can tell UP is potent just from the first exhale and it's crazy how you still get the full bouquet of delicious flavors in a pod and there you go I'm already high
Holy shit!!! They both taste so delicious, and I also get this delightful resonant tingle in my upper palate and sinus on the exhale which I love and only get from the very best extracts I've sampled (and I've been sampling my ass off for years). It's like a mellow seltzer or floral horseradish buzz. Very special, very excellent. The boxes are gorgeous, the black silicone cap's crescent nesting the white logo frame is fucking beautiful, the sparkle pigment and colors are great, I love the sleek but innovative child proofing (improves on select which has been my favorite of all of them so far). And what a time to be in the full spectrum rosin business. Really great work. This is a first class product all the way.
wow. just read that entire article and I have never been more excited to try a product. ROSIN PODS?!??? BRO I DIDNT THINK I WAS READING IT RIGHT so stoked. never smoked one before, nor have i heard of anyone being able to make it work. Rosin is practically impossible to put in a cart n smoke. I gotta get my hands on these asap
All of my colleagues LOVE the pens!! I took it to a party w a bunch of music industry peeps and they want to know where they can buy it.
When I was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year I was advised to stop combusting cannabis and I’ve spent the intervening months bouncing from method to method, trying to find anything that comes close to the flavor and feeling of flower without the fire. I have not found a portable flower vaporizer that works well enough yet (the ovens are all too small, they get cold too quickly, and they’re a pain to use and clean) so that’s not a great solution either. Edibles don’t work for me - the onset time and effects are too inconsistent. I have tried dozens of high testing cartridges from selected heavy hitters in the distillate space and they all taste like air freshener or poison or don’t get me high. AND THEN PODTONES CAME ALONG. I don’t know how you do it but I actually taste the full floral bouquet with these pods. You’re the only ones who actually enhance the flavor instead of destroying it. Anyone who tries Podtones will know exactly what I’m talking about with the first taste. I also have to say the strain selection is excellent - I don’t know what genetics are behind which colors but the flavor and potency are on point across the full spectrum. Huge thanks from an exhausted pilgrim and grateful convert.