About This Tone

Any time you want to dim the lights and slip into a more blissed out frequency, PodTones™ CHILL delivers a smooth body high and gentle brain massage. All your senses are tuned in and zoned out, giving you the space to enjoy where you are, who you’re with and how great you feel.


  • Indica Hybrid
  • 300 mg Pure Cannabis Rosin
  • Hand pressed in California

Suggested Usage

Gently inhale – and enjoy! The light at the end of the pod will indicate that the battery is being triggered (that’s good). Hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds. Exhale. See how good you feel in a little while; repeat at your own pace.


PodTones™ come fully charged. If the battery runs low, charge with any micro-USB. LED will turn off when charged. Do not refill.
Complete Testing Results from 3rd Party Certified Lab (COA)

How to Purchase