The First 100% Pure Cannabis Rosin Vaporizer

Gently inhale — and enjoy!

PodTones, whose founders early on cracked the code on how to put 100% live rosin concentrate in a single-use pen without using additional chemicals, to the delight of plant-loving weed heads everywhere. With no pods (despite its name) or plugs or other components to worry about, it’s an elegant, entry-level experience for the novice tiptoeing into the world of clean weed.

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"My experience with Podtones has been incredible."

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PodTones Pure Live Rosin Vaporizers

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What’s In it

  • 100% pure, clean and delicious lab-tested cannabis rosin, squeezed fresh from the plant with the full spectrum of original, unaltered strain-specific cannabinoids and terpenes.

What’s Not

  • No solvents used at any stage
  • No flavorings of any kind
  • No MCT, PG, Vitamin E or other cutting agents
  • No added industrial terpenes derived from agricultural waste
  • No dirty “distillate” made from low quality cannabis